Today we're opening the great debate between HRT patches and HRT gels...

Today we’re opening the great debate between HRT patches and HRT gels. Now, we know there’s a whole spectrum of options when it comes to HRT, but
let’s chat about why patches might just have that winning edge over gels. Say bye – bye to the brain fog, and let’s get stuck into what is a hot (flush) topic..

Steady Does It: The Consistency Champion

One of the biggest high-fives to patches is their ability to provide a steady stream of hormones.When you stick on a patch, it’s like having a tiny, personal assistant slowly and consistently releasing hormones into your system. Its calm river of hormonal balance, offering you a quiet confidence that your dosage is perfect. Gels, while effective, can sometimes be a bit like a hormonal roller coaster. Apply them, and there’s a peak, then a dip until your next application. So, in the battle of consistency, patches are waving the victory flag. Avoid the Absorption Tango You may or may not know this, but there’s a specific ‘gel dance’ you need to
perform, every day, YES, that’s EVERY DAY folks!. Apply the gel, then wait for it to dry, for 5 – 10 minutes …. who has 5 or 10 minutes in the morning to just stand
when time feels like it’s conspiring against you?! So there you are, gel in hand, applying it with the speed of light, faster you rub, faster it dries, yes? No. You find yourself standing there, arms outstretched, in a pose that would make a mime artist proud, trying to air dry as quickly as possible. Your eyes dart to the ticking clock, then the impromptu ‘jig’ begins, a hand flap for starters, next the arm wave, now you’re pretty much conducting an imaginary orchestra. Ah, but don’t forget the frantic blowing, the pursed lips of an impatient woman, getting hotter by the second. You consider buying a spanish fan to speed up the process, but realise the naked flamenco gel dance might just be a visual too far. JUST DRY !!!! You start to wonder, should you risk it and get dressed? Perhaps I could pick up
my blouse only using my finger nails, no, actually, teeth!! My teeth will do it!! A solo game of ‘Twister’ ensues and your core temperature has now baked the
gel on – what a performance, erggh…!

Skin friendly patches
Let’s talk skin sensitivity. Some folks find that gels can be a bit irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin. Patches, on the other hand, are often designed with hypoallergenic adhesives and are generally kinder to sensitive skin types. Of course, there’s the sticky residue saga, but with nudi spray™ and its super fast, mess free system, removing sticky glue is no longer a conversation. So, in terms of overall skin-friendliness, patches are strutting ahead.

Precise Dosing: The Patch Precision

With patches, you know exactly what dose you’re getting. It’s all neatly packed into that little rectangle or square.Same dose every time. Gels can become a little bit of a mystery – literally. It can be hard to gauge if you’re getting the exact dose every time, and let’s not even start on the potential mess. How much is washed away on your hands and how much is soaked into the fabric of your clothes, it’s not an exact science. Patches keep it precise and mess-free.

The Discretion Factor
Patches can be sneaky in the best way – they’re discreet. You can pop one under your clothing, and no one needs to know. It’s your little secret weapon against menopause. Gels, while not exactly a flashing neon sign, are a bit more conspicuous, especially during the drying waiting game. Final Patchy Thoughts In the HRT showdown, while gels have their place and fans (no hard feelings, gel lovers!), patches seem to sneak ahead with their consistency, convenience, skin-friendliness, precise dosing, and discretion. Remember, though, everybody is a unique universe. What works for one may not work for another. It’s always about finding what makes you feel fabulous.

For more detailed information and support, do check out these fabulous
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women’s health, including HRT options.
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So, are you team patch? Or maybe you’ve had a different experience? Share
your stories in the comments. Let’s navigate this menopause journey together –
patches, gels, and all!

Until next time, keep sticking to what makes you feel great!

The nudi™ crew x www.nudispray,com

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