If you're on the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) journey, you're probably familiar...

The Great Sticky Debate – Why is That HRT Patch Residue So Bloomin Stubborn? If you’re on the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) journey, you’re probably familiar with the aftermath of our beloved patches – yes, we’re talking about the dreaded sticky residue. It clings to your skin like an over-affectionate puppy, doesn’t it? So, why on earth is this residue so incredibly tenacious, and what are the sometimes unusual methods people are trying to remove it? Grab a comfy seat, maybe a snack (just not peanut butter, you’ll see why), and let’s chat about it! Why So Sticky? Let’s get a bit science-y for a moment. The adhesive in medical patches, HRT patches included, isn’t just your everyday sticky glue. Its main mission is to ensure the patch stays put through all sorts of conditions – sweat, moisture, movement, you name it. The adhesive typically consists of acrylic polymers and tackifiers, a fancy way of saying “really sticky stuff.” This concoction needs to be strong enough to last, yet gentle enough not to irritate your skin. It’s like a superhero of stickiness, doing its job a little too well sometimes.And we love it
for that! It’s great to know that our treasured patches are securely in place (goodness knows it’s hard enough to get your hands on them sometimes!)
However, the patch glue residue is impossible to shift, even with a good old hot flush, nothing seems to budge it……until now !! Adventures in Sticky Removal The battle to remove the residue has led people to some creative, and occasionally wacky, solutions over the years. Let’s explore the sticky saga:
We’ve heard it all at nudi, the world gave us patches, but it also gave us glue residue – another problem with NO SOLUTION!! From the hum-drum to the nutty (literally) here are a few ‘methods’ that we were told about at nudi before women discovered nudi spray™! 

Baby Oil: A gentle approach, or is it? 98% mineral oil, which is derived from petroleum, we’d rather not thanks!

Olive Oil or Coconut Oil: Who knew your pantry could be a goldmine for sticky situations? But really ?? You are not a salad. Leave the condiments in the kitchen, we’re better than that! And have you ever tried to apply a patch with greasy hands? No, just really, save yourself the heartache! 

Vodka: Perhaps a bit of a party trick, but some have sworn by it. A splash of vodka and that glue might just surrender, but hey, nothing like having a bottle of Smirnoff next to your toothbrush to lift your spirits…NOT. WD-40: A more extreme choice,and pretty alarming. It’s effective on squeaky hinges, and although you might feel a bit stiff at times, this was intended for rust prevention on space satellites in 1953….we’ve moved on people! 

Peanut Butter: Now, this one’s a bit nutty (pun intended). Apparently, the oils in peanut butter can do the trick. But maybe stick (pun again, sorry) to using it on your sandwiches. Yes, it might work, and yes it might be a little snacky bonus twice a week, but honestly?? Erggghhh…. Nail Polish Remover (Acetone): Desperate times call for desperate measures apparently!! Acetone can dissolve the adhesive, but originally it was developed as a key ingredient for smokeless gunpowder during WW1 – nice ! 

Mayonnaise: Surely an all time low, the smell, the big jar sitting by your basin…there’s only one place for mayonnaise, you might never look at your bowl of chips the same again. 

Nudi Spray™ was developed as a 100% hypoallergenic solution to sticky glue residue. Quick, mess free, scent free and safe, we know you’re going to love it and never return to the weird world smearing food stuffs on your skin. Or the next thing you know, you’ll be puffing flour underneath your armpits and waxing your bikini line with a toffee apple. 

The Menopause Universe: Your Galaxy of Information Navigating menopause and HRT can feel like steering through a cosmic storm sometimes. But don’t worry, there are stellar resources out there:

● offers comprehensive, up-to-date information on
all things menopause.
● Women’s Health Concern provides valuable advice and support for
women’s health issues, including menopause.
● Menopause Matters is a fantastic platform where you can find
information and even share your experiences.

The Sticky Conclusion

While dealing with the residue left by HRT patches can be a sticky affair, it’s a small part of a much bigger and beautiful journey of transformation and self-discovery during menopause. Remember, it’s okay to get a little stuck sometimes; it’s all part of the adventure. Let’s unstick together! Happy patching!
As always, give your healthcare hero a shout with any questions or concerns.

Happy patching and join us for more patch chat and sticky stories @nudispray
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The nudi™ team

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