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Great friends Amy Simpson and Lisa Farley, had a moment of inspiration during 2022 whilst  comparing sticky patch  stories following their summer holidays. Neither friend had discovered a reliable, effective or easy means of removing HRT patch glue, and both had felt terribly self conscious about living very publicly with unsightly marks on their skin.

This realisation, and the overwhelming desire to feel positive about their bodies, then became a quest to find a solution, and after months of research and development, they had  created NUDI SPRAY™.

The pair endlessly researched an ethical, safe and effective formula that would offer all fellow patch wearers an efficient and simple way to restore body positivity. Their combined energy and enthusiasm, coupled Amy’s natural flair for design, with Lisa’s extensive marketing and pharmaceutical experience, providing the perfect  platform for the development of NUDI SPRAY™.

With unflinching commitment and belief in their product, Amy  and Lisa carefully innovated the NUDI PAD™ which when used in conjunction with NUDI SPRAY™ ensures that the stickiest of marks on all skin types are ultimately wiped away.
This story was borne out of an empathy with women everywhere who had come to accept that being covered in grey patch glue was a necessary trade off to enjoy the benefits of HRT.

Amy and Lisa believe that thanks to their vision, industry and creativity, the narrative for patch wearers the world over has been rewritten, and women just like them can once again enjoy beautiful nude skin.

She's a woman on a mission, with a marvellous eye for design... excellent fun to work with... and she'll kill me for sharing but she used to dance for Kylie Minogue...
Lisa Farley
If you have a problem, Lisa will find the solution. Refreshingly uncomplicated with an optimistic outlook... making sense out of this topsy-turvy world - one of life's supreme beings!
Amy Simpson

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